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What does the shop sell?

We're gradually compiling a list of what you might expect to find in the Armstrong Allotments shop - more will be added as we find time, but here's a start:


If you don’t know what compost best suits your needs, then here is a brief description of each:

  • Humax Original multipurpose – highest quality peat with silver sand and a wetting agent, professional grade starter fertiliser and coir to aid drainage and improve rooting
  • Mother Earth multipurpose – a budget multipurpose containing all essential ingredients and wetting agents
  • Clover Professional potting – medium grade peat with high nutrient and open structure, containing a wetting agent and mineral based slow releaser fertiliser
  • Levingtons M3 potting – designed for vigorous plants (such as tomatoes) this compost is peat based with a small amount of coir and a wetting agent to encourage rooting
  • John Innes No.3 potting – loam based compost for final re-potting of gross feeding vegetable plants

FERTILISERS: organic and inorganic

  • Base Top Dressing
  • Bonemeal
  • Calcium
  • Calcified Seaweed
  • Dolomitic Lime
  • Dried Blood
  • Epsom Salts
  • Fish Blood & Bone
  • Garden Lime
  • Growmore
  • Hoof & Horn
  • John Innes Base
  • Nitro Chalk
  • Nutrimate
  • Onion Fertiliser
  • Potato Fertiliser
  • Rock Dust
  • Seaweed Meal
  • Sharp Sand

  • Solufeed 1:0:2
  • Solufeed 1:1:1
  • Sulphate of Ammonia
  • Sulphate of Potash
  • Superphosphate
  • Urea
  • Vermiculite
  • Vitax Q4

Aston Garberry 2 - new in June 2017.
A Solufeed product, Aston Garberry 2 is a combined garlic barrier and plant invigorator. Applied as a foliar feed, it offers protection from infestation from aphids and spider mite while enhancing growth. The garlic extract leaves no after taste on edible crops. And since the ingredients are plant derived, the good news is that use of this product will not affect your organic accreditation.